Ryan Staffing Safety Philosophy

Our philosophy on worker safety is that all accidents are avoidable. Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. works aggressively with all of its clients to create an injury free environment for all its employees.

Since 1999 Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. has been one of the few staffing companies in the state of Ohio to be granted the privilege to be self-insured for the purpose of providing worker's compensation coverage. This is a testament to our financial stability and our ability to manage our worker's compensation risk.

When injuries do occur, we work aggressively to investigate all accidents side by side with our clients help. We know the importance of a good safety record to all of our clients. Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. works aggressively to fight claims that are without merit to keep your rates low by recognizing worker's compensation fraud indicators “Red Flags”.

Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. is committed to a drug free workplace policy. Post accident drug testing is in place at all treating facilities we utilize.