Background Checks

Criminal Background Check Policy and Release The following policy and release pertain to all Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. clients that are requesting the performance of criminal background checks in the placement of staff at their facility.

Original Standard Background Check
Upon client written request Ryan Staffing will utilize the following background check procedure. Ryan Staffing will utilize Dynalynx to conduct an Ohio Statewide Internet search of all on-line county and municipal court systems (complete list available at, and select Sexual Offender sites covering the prior seven years (if available) for felony convictions.

This service is not a Nationwide Check and it does not include the Federal Court system, Bankruptcy Court system or other local court systems that do not have records available on-line.

Searches that return criminal record convictions will be reviewed for placement relevance in line with client Policies and discrimination laws.

Optional Criminal Background Checks
Upon client written request, Ryan Staffing will conduct additional more inclusive Criminal background checks utilizing the services of Open On-Line.

These services are available at an additional charge depending on the service requested.

A complete list of screening options is available upon request.

This is to acknowledge that the criminal background checking policies of Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. have been provided and explained.

It is understood by the client that criminal background checks conducted under the policies of Ryan Alternative Staffing Inc. are not guaranteed to be all inclusive of every criminal court record in existence. The client agrees to hold Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. harmless for failure to obtain criminal background records outside the normal background checking policies described above.

Background Check Policy and Release Form