The Direct Hire Process

Direct hire allows candidates to join an organization's payroll from day one, meaning they can take advantage of benefits and feel a greater sense of job securityincentivizing them to take a direct hire employment position over others. Direct hire allows for passive employees to look at potential employers without much risk giving the employment pool a wider availability of applicants.

Essentially, direct hire staffing means that a staffing agency will absorb numerous front end costs and recruiting tasks on behalf of you, the client. Ryan Staffing's Direct Hire placement Is the most straight forward approach for our industry especially when looking to fill labor opportunities. The process includes:

  • Recruiting processes resulting in resumes being sent to you for review
  • Upon the selection of 2-3 candidates from Screened resumes, Ryan Staffing will pre-qualify the individuals by conducting the following:
    • 10 panel drug test
    • Background check utilizing Ohio Real Time, a product of Open Online to conduct an Ohio statewide internet search of all on-line county and municipal court systems; complete list available at
    • Reference checks of last three employers
    • Finalists can be tested on one of our customized skills assessments; a partnership with Total Testing if applicable
    • Upon Selection of candidate and start date of the individual, you are billed $600.00. Ryan Staffing will give a 14 calendar day money back guarantee of a $500.00 refund if the person does not meet the expected needs.

Ryan Staffing knows that finding good, qualified people is hard work and takes an ongoing budget especially in this challenging work environment we are experiencing today. We recognize that temporary and temp-to-hire workers may not always be the best solution for your immediate hiring needs. If you need help finding individuals for positions within your company, Contact Ryan Alternative Staffing,