Payrolling is money in the bank, a cost-effective solution for situations when you have already recruited and identified qualified applicants.

Ryan's Payroll Service is a flexible option that allows you to maintain control and cut costs while still utilizing our HR administrative services. Ryan's Payroll Service is ideal for legally retaining independent contractors, retirees and college students. You can identify qualified candidates and have them work at your site without the insurance risks or employer liabilities and benefits. Every Payrolled employee will go thru the same Ryan interview process as our conventional temporaries and Ryan Staffing will cover workers compensation and payroll taxes. And with Ryan Staffing's Payroll service you will satisfy the IRS Independent Contractor Requirements. Payrolling is a cost effective solution to handle your short and long term staffing needs.

Ryan's rates are even lower for Payroll Service employees because you've already done the recruiting and selection and we are happy to pass the savings on to you. Ryan has the edge with our superior flexibility, rates and Certified Staff. You hand select these employees and reap the administrative benefits of Ryan Alternative Staffing. This allows you added flexibility, efficiency and control, while minimizing paperwork and insurance risk.