On-Site Services

Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. offers On-site services to clients who utilize the services of 20 or more conventional temporaries. This service is conducted by one of our experienced staff members at your facility. It is designed to better orient our employees to your policies and procedures and to relieve you of certain administrative responsibilities.

Specifically, Ryan Alternative Staffing, Inc. will provide at a location of your choice a detailed orientation program for all new employees prior to the start of their assignment. This customized orientation will reinforce all of your requirements of their assignment at your location and can cover such things as:

  • First day procedures
  • Lunch policy
  • Dress code
  • Attendance policies
  • Parking instructions

"On-site" services is our solution to helping you manage your supplemental staffing requirements to maximum efficiency. Our service can relieve you of such tasks as:

  • Payroll hours calculation/reporting
  • Attendance recordkeeping
  • Accident investigation
  • Orientation
  • Employee counseling and conflict resolution
  • Paycheck distribution

We understand that your time is valuable. By extending our services to you, your supervisors will have more time to devote to their daily management duties.